Nov 13, 2023

How Prospectss Made Over $25k via Affiliates in a Year

How Prospectss Made Over $25k via Affiliates in a Year

Overall I am in love with the product. Simple, easy, straightforward. It does what it says & charges a fair price. It fulfills my requirements & that’s all I need in an affiliate program for my company.

Junaid Ansari, Co-Founder at

About Prospectss

Prospectss is a sales and marketing tool stack for companies looking to grow their business, as they say themselves: “Supercharge your Marketing & Sales with Killer Growth Marketing Tools”

At the moment they have over 88k+ users and more than 45 growth marketing tools you can use, which are all bundled together into one paid plan for their end users. By offering a great product, with lots of value it helps their affiliates to recommend a great tool that really gives their network value. 

With a price point starting at $49 

Year of foundation

The Challenge

Prospectss was looking for revenue channels that are cost-effective and do not require high upfront payments, this is when they found out about affiliate marketing. The concept of paying affiliates only when they delivered them to paying clients was the biggest reason for pushing this forward. 

After reviewing many tools they decided to move forward with Reditus, due to three reasons; 

  • Pricing based on value generated
  • Marketplace feature
  • Simple to use & live chat support (also for their affiliates)

Within a year Prospectss has been able to generate over $25k in revenue via affiliates. They have achieved this mainly due to two reasons; inviting their own network & listing themselves in the marketplace. 

Setting up an affiliate program starts with getting the right affiliates in and testing things, this is exactly what they did when starting out with Reditus. Their affiliate page on the website is a perfect example of how you can recruit affiliates from your own network. 

The marketplace listing has allowed Prospectss to grow outside its own network as well. At the moment with 300+ affiliates and growing rapidly it has received a real kickstart.

Key results with Reditus

Total affiliate revenue:
Revenue generated via Reditus affiliates:
$2k MRR
Number of affiliates:

What is next?

As the ramp-up period is always the hardest part of growing an affiliate program it is now time to start scaling the revenue generated via affiliates. The compounding effect starts to be initiated as they have over 300+ affiliates who are growing their number of referrals month over month. 

As Prospectss is currently around $2k MRR generated via affiliates the next goal would be to get it above $5k at the end of this year. With the compounding effect, and the growth they have been experiencing this should be reached before the end of the year. It would also mean they would probably have a total sold via affiliates anywhere between $50k-$75k.

Story Behind Reditus

Reditus was founded by Joran Hofman, who was first a B2B SaaS affiliate himself before founding Reditus. As an affiliate, he ran into so many issues himself, that he decided to build an affiliate management system. We believe that when we help the affiliates make money, everyone benefits. This is one of the reasons why affiliates have a similar-looking dashboard, receive live chat support, and have lots of materials to achieve success.

As Joran Hofman has been a Head of Customer Success before starting Reditus, you can clearly see the CS mindset baked into the company. The price depends on what you get and the support you receive. With value being something really tangible, Monthly Recurring Revenue is generated via affiliates.

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