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Sales go up with Reditus

Earn a recurring commission

The great thing about referring software is that it is more than a one-time commission, you could get a commission for years. When you do well you can even earn a higher percentage.

How to earn money?

Step 1. Get started

Create an account by clicking the button above.

Step 2. Join Program

Request to join a SaaS partner program via the marketplace.
Step 3. Share your link

With every partner program you will receive your own Unique URL. Share it how you want

Step 4. Generate referrals

When people sign up we will let you know, plus when they convert to paid. This is when you start earning.

User level tracking

When you are an agency you probably want to know which user is generating the most paid referrals. Our links measure on user-level which allows you to.

Turn ambasadors into partners

What you get from setting up a partner program with Reditus

One Portal
Analytics & KPI’s
More commission
Live Support
Security & GDPR compliance


Easily join new partner programs via the marketplace. See exactly the terms of the SaaS companies.

One portal

Join multiple programs from the Reditus Marketplace. No more switching between different partner program logins.

Analytics & KPI’s

See all relevant analytics to see how you are doing. You will get insights into your entire funnel to spot any improvements to be made.

Earn more commission

When you do well, you can earn more commission by moving up a tier at certain programs. See the details per company showcased in the marketplace.

Live Support

Real Human in-app support, also for partners! We will make sure you are becoming sucessful.

Security & GDPR compliance

We are Privacy Verified; which means we comply to all GDPR rules and more. We care about privacy.

What other partners say

We believe that everyone should be able to create a new revenue stream by referring software.

Presscloud CEO

With Reditus we are able to grow a new revenue stream as a company by managing all partner programs from one portal but still track individual performances.

David Oragui

Founder at Grow Hack Scale