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$49/ month
$89/ month
$750/ month
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We help you grow your MRR

Growing a SaaS company is hard, we know. This is why we made it our goal to help you grow your MRR hence here are 6 reasons why we're the one that really walk the talk.

Built for B2B SaaS

As we purely focus on B2B SaaS we know exactly what you are going through - including knowing ahead which metrics you want to see, the challenges are facing and many more.


Our marketplace consists of laser-targeted B2B SaaS affiliates which are designed to specifically serve the B2B industry and SaaS companies like yours - making us one of the strongest B2B affiliate marketplace in the US and UK.

Live Support

We offer live chat support towards your affiliates, thus, saving you a lot of time so that you can focus on other areas of business and marketing. The quicker we help your affiliates , the quicker you can reap the benefits: quick ROI!

Free plan

Want to set up an affiliate program and invite the affiliates yourself?  You can do all of these in our Free plan, without paying us anything until you reach $1k MRR.

High Performer

We have received numerous accolades and awards from the respectable software review sites like G2 and Capterra. Check out those pages to learn more and hear why our users love us.

Affiliate Recruitment

Want to boost your affiliate program beyond than just listing yourself in the marketplace? This is where our forte comes in by helping you recruit affiliates till you become successful.
Reditus, your success is our success

You want a tool which charges you based on the value you receive

Whether you measure LTV:CAC, Payback period or CAC, the metrics have to look good from the very beginning. This is how we grow Reditus on the first place.

You are only charged based on the value you are receiving: which is Monthly Recurring Revenue you generate.

Reditus, your success is our success

Launch your affiliate program in <30min

Want to quickly set up an affiliate program? Fret not! You can set up a program with us in less than 30 minutes - guaranteed! From basically doing the technical installation, creating the program details up till sorting the legal arrangements.

To make it even quicker, we are also offering in-app live chat should you require any assistance.

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Reditus, your success is our success

The One and Only B2B-SaaS Affiliate Program Marketplace

With our marketplace which is purely focused on B2B SaaS we can help you find new affiliates. Step outside your own silo and showcase your affiliate program towards our big network of B2B SaaS affiliates.

Never lose control, you will always be able to decline affiliate requests if they don't match with your ideal affiliate profile.

Reditus, your success is our success

Built for B2B SaaS Companies

As we focus on B2B SaaS companies it will help both sides of the marketplace's audiences:

For SaaS companies: higher quality affiliates & a clear dashboard with all the important metrics.

For Affiliates: Higher & recurring commissions and one place to manage their programs.

Reditus, your success is our success

Done-For-You Affiliate Recruitment Services

Want to kick start your affiliate program? Affiliate recruitment can be hard and time consuming, we know. This is where we can step in and help you with the heavy lifting. With our Done For You service we can help you to recruit, qualitative affiliates who are going to drive you traffic and paid referrals. We won't be able to offer this to everyone, book a call with us to see if you qualify.

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