We took down our SaaS Partner tool after 7 days of the launch

Here is some insight into the launch of our SaaS which ‘never happened’. 

Before the launch, we had a survived quite a few challenges already with Covid-19 being the biggest one. Unfortunately, we had to switch developers as some of them were unable to continue due to the virus (working from home with kids). 

Finally, after ±7 months we launched! This was the moment we had been waiting for and the champagne emoji came alive in Slack during this period. Personally I was very excited as “my work” would finally start (yes, I’m a non-technical founder). 

During this time I have read or listened to all the startup books where they say; start lean, launch as quickly as possible, iterate on your product along the way, think about growth later etc. So we launched as soon as we could. We got some early testers on it and decided after 7days already to not continue with the current product.

During this period we received positive feedback on the look and feel, how the products work etc. The biggest issue, however, was that customers did not know where to begin. That is fine but we would like to get this out of the way as soon as possible. 

Our mission is to help you set up a new revenue channel, either if you are an affiliate marketer or SaaS business. For both, we have the same goal and we want to do whatever we can to help you achieve that. Our version 1.0 could have done that but it was not the way we intended to have the product in the long term. It would work as follows for a partner;

  1. You sign up for Reditus via a customer program
  2. You create a login for it and keep track of all the metrics of that program 

That would be it. Nice? We disagree. This has been exactly the case why we started Reditus in the first place, however, it would be another month (or more) of development if we would do it the ideal way. Which would mean we would add ‘one more feature’, we would think about growth at the beginning, we don’t launch the product when the core is ready etc. etc. 

Stubborn? Yes. 

Good idea? We believe so. 

The way the app is going to launch now allows SaaS companies to tap into an affiliate marketer pool as they are present within the app, plus the affiliates would be able to join other SaaS partner programs easily; without switching and different logins. A great win-win for both sides. 

How does Reditus work for a Partner?

  1. You sign up for Reditus via partner.reditus.com 
  2. You will see all approved SaaS Partner Programs in the marketplace based on;
    1. Industry
    2. Commission %
    3. Duration of commission 

This way you can easily find SaaS companies which match your ideal criteria and apply for the partner program. As a SaaS company you might think, this way I lose control on who joins my program… Less is true. We have built-in an approval system (one more feature ;)) where you can keep control on who is joining your partner program.

We believe this is the way which works best for the partner as well as our future customers, it will help them both to achieve the mission we have; set up a new revenue channel. Addition to this we want to do everything in a secure way, hence why we took extra security measures to make sure we are ready for the (new) launch. 

Does this mean the app will fully glitch-free? Probably not, hence why will still need Beta testers in the month of September to join us on the road of creating a new revenue channel 🚀

We have more good news for SaaS companies looking to test Reditus; we haven’t gotten the time yet to implement a payment wall so you can use Reditus for free for the time being. When you will join now, you will get a custom price after our Beta period. 


Are you ready to start growing your SaaS business by setting up a Partner program? Sign up now! Or send us a message in the chat if you have any questions.