Why we started Reditus? 

Every company has its story behind the start. We will share ours in this blog. Don’t expect any advice on how to start with affiliate marketing or setting up your SaaS Partner program. It is pure and only on how we got to start Reditus. 

If you are still reading, great! Let’s start at the beginning. 

When working in Sales & Customer Success I (Joran) got the question a lot on which tools are good to use besides the one I was working for. This question came up so often I decided to start a website with the best sales & marketing tools to use. Which is still growing rapidly, it has the best sales & marketing tools listed.

After spending a lot of time on the site, the question became; Would it be possible to earn some money with it? When you own a website and producing a lot of content for it either costs you quite a bit of time or money. Hence this question had to come up one day. Websites with a lot of ads are annoying so it had to come from the tools which were listed on the site. This was the first real experience with affiliate marketing in B2B SaaS. 

Affiliate Marketing

SaaS Affiliate marketing can be seen as something ‘creepy’ or ‘privacy intrusion’ but none of this is true, as no personal information is stored within the partner program (until you sign up) unlike other ways f marketing. I signed up for many SaaS partner programs and created bookmarks for all the different logins, as you have to create a login for every program you are joining. This is definitely not the ideal way, in two words; complete hassle. 

There is no way you can log in into all these programs all the time to keep track of what is happening. As for most of the affiliates, it is something they start ‘on the side’ (whether it is personal or within a Marketing Agency), this way is absolutely horrible. Who will log into 10-15 programs to keep checking progress? 

At one point we found a tool which offered a view where you could see everything in one place. Such a big relief, that was exactly what we were looking for. We signed up for some of the programs of tools we thought were good to list and continued our path. With lots of programs in one tool and the others scattered across different logins. 

Current Saas Partner Programs

After hitting 1.000+ clicks nothing really had happened yet, the only signups we had were our own and some of the ones we did to test things didn’t even get listed. This got us worried, but we thought everything would work out. As you have to remember, it does take time for businesses to decide whether they are going to use a new SaaS tool or not. 

The number of clicks kept on rising, own signups were missed still so we really started to distrust the data in the system and started making screenshots every day to see what changed over time. There was this feeling that the numbers sometimes went down, instead of up which is technically not possible. After only 2weeks our feelings were right, we lost 250 clicks overnight. Until today we still don’t know why (no program was taken out of the numbers). 

This was for us the straw that breaks the camel’s back. We knew we could do better than any of the tools on the market, making a tool which would work for both sides really well. Our goal was to create a tool which accurate tracking, better insights and easy to work with for an affiliate and a customer.

Scalability for both parties

The affiliate market is not new, however not every SaaS program or Marketer has seen the (full) potential of it. This is where we will come in as well, we will show it has great mutual benefits; for the SaaS business as well for the partner. 

For both sides of affiliate marketing is hard work (if you don’t have the traffic yet) and it is definitely not an quick way to earn money. However, if you are willing to spend the time and effort it is a great way to build a new revenue channel for yourself or your business. You may still think it could look like this, but it doesn’t. 

how people think affiliate marketing works.

We will, however, will do everything within Reditus to make it as easy as possible for you, and make sure you start generating money as soon as possible. We truly believe that your success = our success. Reditus stands for; returning income. This is what we want to achieve for our customers and their partners.