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As we purely focus on B2B SaaS you will receive recurring commissions from higher ticket prices.


Find new programs to join quickly via our marketplace, apply directly from your dashboard.

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Need help? Contact us via our live chat in-app support. Our goal is to help you make money.


Joining as an affiliate is free. We get paid by the SaaS companies offering an affiliate program.

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We have been ranked high performer across multiple review sites. Join us and learn for yourself why.

Build for Affiliates

Our founder has been an affiliate himself, hence we have build a tool which will really help you grow.
Reditus, helping you grow your revenue

You want to create a (new) revenue stream

Affiliate Marketing is about earning a commission when you deliver a company a paid client. As we purely focus on B2B SaaS it will mean recurring commissions for higher ticket prices. A great way to create a new revenue stream.

Reditus, your success is our success

B2B SaaS Marketplace

No more switching between portals! Finding good affiliate programs to join can be time consuming, hence we offer a marketplace with purely B2B SaaS programs. Saving you time & the ability to manage everything from one single dashboard.

I want to refer Software.

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What do our Affiliates say?

Aaron Mirck
“Reditus recruits new partners for you on autopilot, tracks referrals and manages commission payouts with ease. With Reditus, software companies can build a thriving partner channel that delivers ROI from day 1.”
Junaid A.
Overall I am in love with the product. Simple, easy, straightforward. It does what it says & charges a fair price. It fulfils my requirements & that's all I need in an affiliate program for my company.
Ananay Batra
“One of the coolest things that I found most helpful was Reditus’ affiliate marketplace which brings us the best affiliates for Listnr on auto-pilot!”
Darwin analytics
I thought it felt too easy, so I setup a test affiliate account and tested the referral process and watched how it put everything together. I was seriously blown away.
Anton Patrai
Timelines AI
“Fairly priced SaaS partner management platform with all features you need to grow your SaaS business”
Douglas Lim
Reditus has a great UI and makes it very easy to set up an affiliate program within minutes. I love the fact that the founder built the software based on his own frustrations with affiliate programs for SaaS products.
Meet The Founder

I am Joran Hofman.

Back in 2020 I was an affiliate for 80+ SaaS tools and I was generating an average of 30k in organic visits each month with my site. Due to the issues I experienced with the current affiliate management software tools, it never resulted in the passive income I was hoping for.

After getting frustrated time & time again by the clunky affiliate management software which lost me probably more than $20,000+ in affiliate revenue, I decided to build my own software with a high focus on the affiliates, as in the end, they generate the money for SaaS companies.

Join Reditus today & I’ll help you get the most out of your affiliate program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

How do I earn money when referring Software?

Software companies are always looking to gain new clients. When you start referring a software to your network, and

With Reditus we purely focus on B2B SaaS companies, this means we don't work with any kind of company. Our focus allows us to create a focused network of B2B SaaS affiliates and metrics related towards the business model.

Why is Reditus free for affiliates?

SaaS companies pay us to get listed in the marketplace, this is why we don't have to charge affiliates. We do not take any cut of the commissions you are making either, it is completely free to join as an affiliate.

What is so special on the Reditus Marketplace?

We purely focus on B2B SaaS companies, and only list those in our marketplace. For you this means that all the companies you refer will give out a recurring commission, and the ticket prices are higher as it is B2B Software.

Does Reditus help me to make money?

In the end you will have to promote software companies to your network. We will provide you will all the information & support needed to do so. Your Network will be your Net Worth in this case.

How does Reditus work?

How can you get started?
1. Sign up and complete onboarding
2. Apply to an Affiliate Program and get accepted
3. Refer software to your network and start earning

We can't make it more easier than this!

Why is my favourite software not in the marketplace?

They haven't decided to use Reditus yet! You can help us to get them into the marketplace, which means you can earn double commissions. Become a Reditus affiliate, recommend us to your favourite software and earn a commission when they join the marketplace!