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Take end-to-end control of your B2B SaaS affiliate program with no platform costs until your partners bring in $1,000 in MRR.
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Reditus SaaS
Helping you unlock partner-driven revenue potential
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Embracing affiliate marketing revenue is a strategic move that savvy B2B SaaS companies can't afford to overlook. The key is a robust affiliate platform that not only simplifies management but amplifies results, transforming every partnership into a profitable venture. 

Let our intuitive calculator be the lens through which you view your program's expansive future.

How much revenue can our SaaS affiliate program generate per month?
Superfast Launch
Go live with your affiliate program with a custom landing page and partner sign-up page in under 30 minutes.
No Revenue No Fee
Pay nothing for using our platform until you cross $1,000 in partner-driven MRR, ensuring a risk-free approach.
Exclusively For B2B SaaS
Experience a platform crafted for B2B SaaS, ensuring every current and upcoming feature is built just for you.
Thriving Marketplace
Showcase your program to our growing network of top affiliates keen to recommend software like yours to their audience.
Intuitive Dashboard
Effortlessly track key metrics, monitor top-performing partners, and get insights to optimize your program's performance.
Safe Commission Payouts
Safeguard your payouts with our clear, threshold-based, consolidated approval workflow for maximum control.
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    Turn affiliate marketing into your growth engine
    Bring your affiliate program to life and ignite a network of passionate advocates equipped to elevate your software through compelling recommendations. Our value-first affiliate marketing software SaaS model removes barriers, empowering you to launch your program immediately and begin harnessing the vast revenue potential in strategic affiliate partnerships.
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    Attract top partners on autopilot
    List your program in the popular Reditus marketplace to attract top affiliates on autopilot. Our platform simplifies receiving joining requests, onboarding, and performance monitoring of all partners. We can also proactively help you find and engage the most promising affiliates, accelerating your MRR growth.
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    Proven by success

    We started with Reditus to see the effect of the marketplace and were happily surprised with the results. Having run Reditus parallel to our existing program allowed us to test the platform without the need of migrating our affiliates right away.

    Stefan Smulders, CEO at Expandi

    Key results within 6 months
    Generated $25.000+
    Gained 70+ affiliates
    Marketplace driven only

    Overall I am in love with the product. Simple, easy, straightforward. It does what it says & charges a fair price. It fulfills my requirements & that's all I need in an affiliate program for my company.

    Junaid Ansari, Co-Founder at

    Key results within 6 months
    Grew to 300+ affiliates within a year
    Generated over 600+ sign-ups via affiliates
    One of the best affiliate pages on their site (
    Check how many SaaS companies are growing via Reditus.
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    Reditus for SaaS

    Is something unclear?


    How can I get my affiliate program listed in the Reditus Marketplace?
    The process is straightforward if you aim to get your affiliate program listed in the Reditus Marketplace. Once your program is up and running on the Reditus free plan, the next step is to select one of the premium packages offered by Reditus. The entry-level plan begins at just $59 per month, billed annually, making our SaaS affiliate software paid plans very compelling when you decide to upgrade.

    This small investment gets you a clear placement in the Reditus Marketplace and positions your affiliate program prominently within a dedicated and targeted community of over 7,500 B2B SaaS affiliates, generating new sign up requests in no time.
    Can Reditus help me directly with recruiting new affiliates?
    Yes, Reditus goes beyond offering a self-service, affiliate SaaS software marketplace by actively assisting in recruiting new affiliates for your B2B SaaS. We understand the challenges of finding and engaging top-tier affiliates and address this by providing a tailored recruitment service. This service involves a proactive approach where the Reditus team searches for and reaches out to potential affiliates that align with your brand and objectives. The aim is to accelerate your MRR growth by connecting you with affiliates who can effectively promote your product.
    Can Reditus help us migrate from our current affiliate marketing SaaS software?
    Reditus offers a streamlined and efficient migration service if you are considering moving from another SaaS affiliate platform. The primary focus during this transition is on transferring your affiliates and their referrals and ensuring that there are no duplicate commissions calculated in the process.

    Additionally, Reditus provides an affordable affiliate marketing SaaS solution. After migration, you can utilize our services with no upfront costs until your partner-driven MRR crosses $1,000. This approach eases the transition and aligns the cost with your growth, making it a financially sensible option for your business.
    How does the process of making my affiliate program live on Reditus work?
    Launching your program on Reditus can be done in under 30 minutes for free, allowing you to start inviting affiliates immediately. Here is a concise overview of the steps involved.
    1. Technical setup:
      • Install a tracking script: This is used for monitoring the activities of your affiliates.
      • Install a conversion snippet: This snippet helps track conversions due to your affiliates.
      • Connect your payment platform: Reditus supports platforms like Stripe and Paddle out of the box, or you can easily integrate any other payment processor via our API.
    2. Legal compliance:
      • Update cookie notice: Include Reditus in your website's cookie notice.
      • Documentation: Add Reditus as a sub-processor in your privacy policy or related documents.
      • Partner agreement: Create a partner agreement to set clear terms for your affiliates. Reditus can provide a template to help you draft this document.
    3. Partner commission setup:
      • Define commission details: Set your commission percentage and duration.

    Note: We offer extensive video tutorials, rich-media guides, and live chat support to make your program launch as fast as possible. After completing these steps, you will have a custom affiliate program landing page and partner sign-up page ready to promote via channels, including the Reditus Marketplace.
    What are the customer support options offered by Reditus?
    Reditus provides a comprehensive range of customer support options to ensure users have access to the help they need:

    • Help center: We maintain a regularly updated help center with detailed documentation featuring rich media and videos. This resource hub constantly evolves, adding new information weekly, ensuring it stays current with the latest features and best practices.
    • Website chat channel: For real-time assistance, users can utilize the chat feature on the Reditus website. This is ideal for quick, on-the-spot queries.
    • Email support: If you prefer, you can also share your query over email.
    How well does Reditus work with other software tools?
    Reditus offers compatibility with various software tools via key out-of-the-box integrations and a robust payment API.

    For example, for a SaaS business using Stripe or Paddle to manage subscriptions, Reditus seamlessly integrates to track and attribute conversions to the right affiliates. Another powerful one is our Calendly integration. If your business relies on Calendly for scheduling demos, our integration can track when a potential customer books a demo through an affiliate's referral.

    Our upcoming integration with HubSpot will support seamless tracking of demo bookings and syncing of partner emails between the two systems.

    If you wish to integrate a particular tool or system with Reditus that is not currently supported or in our roadmap, you can email us at [email protected]. This open approach to integration requests highlights our commitment to adaptability and customer-focused development.
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