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Expert advice on growing a B2B SaaS: insights from 20 leaders

Growing a B2B SaaS can be challenging; getting advice from the industry will help you to avoid the most common pitfalls and generally grow faster. The biggest challenge you often have though is time, right? What if you can get the advice of 20 industry experts combined into either a 5-minute video or 40min podcast episode? That would be worth the time, right?

In our Grow Your B2B SaaS podcast, we asked 20 guests the same question:

  • What advice would you give B2B SaaS founders growing to 10k MRR?
  • What advice would you give B2B SaaS founders growing to 1M ARR?

They all answered this question, and to make it easy for you; we combined the answers into a video & full-length podcast.

To make this accessibble to everyone, see here some of the acronyms used in the video & podcast episodes. We might not have covered all of them, if you want to learn more terms. See our blog about the most used terms in B2B SaaS.

We will use a lot of acronyms in this blog and the videos below. To make sure you understand everything, see here the acronyms & terms used in the video and a link to more familiar terms used.

B2B: Business to Business
SaaS: Software As A Service
MRR: Monthly Recurring Revenue
ARR: Annual Recurring Revenue
ACV: Annual Contract Value
Freemium: A strategy where you offer a free plan as an acquisition channel
Upsell: Upgrading your current clients to buy more
Go To Market: Plan that outlines how you will start selling your product.
Affiliate Marketing: Leveraging someone else's network in exchange for a kickback fee of the revenue.
PPC: Pay Per Click
CPC: Cost Per Click
Gross Churn: Revenue you lost
Expansion: Revenue you gained with existing clients
Net Churn: Gross churn minus expansion

Guests of Season 1: Grow Your B2B SaaS Podcast

Terminology used in B2B SaaS.

In Season one of the Grow Your B2B SaaS podcast, we had 20 industry experts on the show. See them all listed below:

S1E1 – UI/UX design - Peter Loving
S1E2 – Customer Success: Mike Dry
S1E3 – Affiliate Marketing - Evan Weber
S1E4 – Sales Process - Gavin Tye
S1E5 – Product Led Growth - Antti Suikkanen
S1E6 – Go To Market - Andrew Davies
S1E7 – Bootstrapping To A 200M Acquisition - Patrick Campbell
S1E8 – Growing A Network - Alexander Theuma
S1E9 – Content strategy - John Ozuysal
S1E10 – Bootstrap to 7M ARR - Stefan Smulders
S1E11 – Customer-led growth - Katya Ryabova
S1E12 – Hitting #1 on Product Hunt - Robin Singhvi
S1E13 – Win in a crowded market - Alan Gleeson
S1E14 – Demand generation strategy - Casey Hill
S1E15 – Launch on Producthunt - Fabian Maume
S1E16 – Sales prospecting - Rob Harlow
S1E17 – Create predictable revenue - Ton Dobbe
S1E18 – Product Strategy - Torben Schulz
S1E19 – Multi-Channel Marketing Tracking - Julia Draghici
S1E20 – Affiliate Marketing - John Wright

Advice for growing to 10k MRR

Again, in our podcast we asked all our guests the same question. What advice would they have for SaaS founders growing to 10.000 Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). See below two types of content we created out of this.

  • A summary video with the biggest highlights can be watched in 5 minutes.
  • A podcast episode with the full advice from all the 20 experts on this question.

We couldn't make it more easier than this to help you grow towards 10k MRR 😉

Summary video

In this summary video we haven't included all the advice, but as the title says; we summarised it. It is a great teaser to the full podcast episode, which includes all the advice from all the 20 experts.


Full podcast episode

Want to get all the advice of our 20 podcast guests on how to grow to 10k MRR? You want to listen to the full podcast episode, a 40min audio show packed with a lot of value 🔥

In our opinion it is a must listen, but hey everyone is busy right.

Advice for growing to 1M ARR

As it will require other skills and processes to grow to 1M ARR we asked this question as well. Also for this one, we created a summary video & a full version as a podcast. When you just passed $10k MRR, we do recommend to listen to that one first, as this one was asked right after.

Summary video

Listen to the summarised video on how to grow your SaaS to 1M ARR. Value-packed video with the advice of 20 experts 👇


Full podcast episode

Listen to the full advice from 20 experts on how to grow your B2B SaaS to 1M ARR. We have combined all the answers in a 30min podcast for you, a must listen in our opinion when you past the 10k MRR.

Final Thoughts

Our goal with the podcast is to help you grow your B2B SaaS. If you have certain topics we haven’t covered yet, want to be a guest on the podcast or have any feedback. Contact us. 

Feel free to email us at: [email protected]

For now. If you haven’t set up an affiliate program for your B2B SaaS, make sure you check us out 😉

Joran Hofman
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Joran Hofman
Back in 2020 I was an affiliate for 80+ SaaS tools and I was generating an average of 30k in organic visits each month with my site. Due to the issues I experienced with the current affiliate management software tools, it never resulted in the passive income I was hoping for. Many clunky affiliate management tools lost me probably more than $20,000+ in affiliate revenue. So I decided to build my own software with a high focus on the affiliates, as in the end, they generate more money for SaaS companies.
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