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Customer Success
5 Ideas To Increase Your Average SaaS Contract Length.

Want to increase your SaaS contract length to boost your startup growth? Get new ideas by reading our blog to boost your growth.

Customer Success
8 Strategic Ways To Reduce Churn Rate in 2024

In this post, we’ll look at eight strategic ways for you to reduce your churn rate and keep your users happy.

Customer Success
What Is NPS (Net Promoter Score)? Everything you need to know.

Discover the benefits of using NPS to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. How to use it effectively, tips on measuring and improving it.

Customer Success
How To Increase CLV Without Touching Your Prices: Simple Guide.

Looking to get more revenue from your current clients? Learn about strategies on how to increase your CLV without raising your prices.

Customer Success
Align Your Sales Process With the Customer Journey: Full Guide.

Want to learn how to align your sales process with the customer Journey, and why you should care? Read our blog now.

Customer Success
How to implement customer success from scratch in your SaaS?

In this episode Jacky and Daniel meet with Joran Hofman, CEO of Reditus, exploring the topic of:– What is the difference between customer success, sales, customer support and community manager – …

How to implement customer success from scratch in your SaaS? Read More »

Customer Success
How To Build a Loyal Customer Base in 2024 (and Beyond)

Learn some key strategies for building a loyal customer base. A good customer retention will accelerate your SaaS growth.

Customer Success
How to Reduce Churn for Your SaaS: 6 Practical Strategies.

Churn is the silent killer of SaaS businesses. But you can do some things to reduce it. See 6 practical strategies on decreasing SaaS churn.

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