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How to make an income via SaaS affiliate marketing? 


Marketing is key to developing earnings and maintaining your business in a competitive and congested market. Numerous SaaS organizations invest substantial portions in their commerce methods but never reach the high ROI they think they merit. If similar problems have been encountered for years, it might be time to attempt something different!

Affiliate marketing is an excellent option to consider to grow your business. The marketing process uses third parties to refer your offerings to their audience. They can then receive a commission in return for every sale. Many reports say affiliate marketing accounts for 16% of orders created online. 

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing includes worldwide popularity. Many people use this technique as a direct origin of payment. For example, sites like TopCashback and Groupon yield considerable capital when shoppers purchase the products they suggest. 

The website you have partnered with, the "affiliate," hosts a link to one or more of your products. When a potential customer clicks on the link, they are diverted to your website to purchase your product. Once the user purchases the product, the affiliate marketer gets a commission for making the sale possible. 

If you run a SaaS business, affiliate marketing has many benefits to selling your creations. 

First, corresponded to promotion, where you expend a significant amount of money without assurance that you will sell your products. Affiliate marketing is more cost-effective since you only pay an appropriate commission to the affiliate if they convert a sale. Apart from the program setup cost, there is zero risk. 

Second, you can decrease your customer acquisition costs (CAC) in advance! If your budget is tight, affiliate marketing will enable you to promote your products. The expense to unique markets for a better affordable entry cost is significantly less. Particularly if you partner with a conventional affiliate network. These affiliates can assist you in finding high-traffic sites at little or no cost.

Affiliate marketing is not only a technique for startup companies. If you consider affiliate marketing just for small companies, you would be surprised to learn that 81% of brands have expended producing effective affiliate marketing strategies. These comprise famous marketing endeavors such as Freshbooks, Intuit, and GetResponse. 

Thanks to its beautiful enterprise model that aids both brands and the publishers they partner with, affiliate marketing is a compelling medium that enables your product to be observed from a broader audience. The audience is compelled to convert the sales relatively quickly.

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Why Should You Get Into Affiliate Marketing?

Currently, you know how affiliate marketing works. Now it is time to learn why you should look into affiliate marketing as a promotional strategy for your SaaS business.

Build trust among your target customers

Word-of-mouth marketing develops sales and improves brand recognition, but affiliate marketing offers your current clients another justification to suggest your products and services to others. 

Experienced affiliates deliver honest details about your brand and use their audience's confidence in them to grow your brand's credibility. An affiliate link from an authorized partner seems more like a suggestion from a trusted reference than an ad. 

Aside from increasing traffic to your site, affiliate links from high-quality partners also affect your SEO. A high-authority site that connects back to your home page or product page will "pass on" its power to your site. Additionally, this leads to better search result performance and more organic traffic arriving from Google inquiries.

Reduce CAC and boost ROI

Affiliate marketing drives are thrifty as you disburse commission only when your affiliate associates create a sale. Because there is little or no upfront expense, affiliate marketing can decrease your CAC. With the support of your affiliates, you can broaden your customer reach without expending a lot, helping strengthen your return on investment (ROI). 

If you are a new SaaS business and desire to expand your business, affiliate marketing can be a wise choice. It accelerates your yield margins and yearly growth pace rapidly. 

Acquire your affiliates' audience 

When you associate with professional affiliates in your niche, they will support you to reach new clients that align with your established shopper personas. Because they maintain years of background in their niche, they retain a built-in audience they can influence to provide your products a shot. 

Examinations reveal that 92% of buyers trust suggestions assembled by familiar people, organizations, or influencers. If you partner with the proper affiliates, you entice additional site stops and develop more qualified leads. Likewise, supporting the affiliate association will add to the partner's loyal audience base. As a result, you will help them lead their audience to repeated purchases.

How to Run a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program

You can not afford to wing a victorious affiliate marketing campaign. A successful campaign is aided by organization and strategy. Most successful affiliate campaigns follow these steps:

Payment structure creation

Before beginning with your SaaS affiliate marketing campaign, you must design your payment method. Determine if you want to opt for regular or one-time payments.

A regular payment model serves many vendors as it supplies a continuous source of affiliate revenue, mainly for SaaS products with brief subscription terms. 

On the other hand, numerous marketers choose one-time payments. Especially if you are operating an affiliate marketing campaign for the first time and have not established your brand as one that delivers on time. Additionally, this form of payment provides additional per sale opportunities but takes a bit more work on the affiliate as they'll need to produce content for their site constantly.

Aside from the payment system, it would help determine what you will spend. Here are some examples to consider:

  • Cost Per Mille (CPM): You pay according to the number of people contacted
  • Cost Per Click (CPC): You spend for clicks back to your site
  • Cost Per Action (CPA): You spend for every move assumed by your prospects or leads, such as completing a purchase or signing up for a complimentary trial

Settling on a payment arrangement will help discourage chaos when your affiliates generate sales for you.

Create assets for your affiliate partners

Quality affiliates do not just publish a link to your site or product and expect someone to click on it. Assembling assets will enable your affiliates to discover the best locations on their site. Here, they can add an affiliate link and simplify it to spread the message regarding your brand. You can even enlighten your affiliates regarding your products and services.

For instance, delivering marketing collateral such as banners, videos, or photos to your affiliates will attract guests to your site. Investigations indicate that the human intellect functions and understands graphic content better than written text. So, engaging visual content will accomplish better results than a paragraph of text saying the same thing.

Aside from transmitting your affiliate's marketing content, you can also provide them with a demo of your product. Therefore, this is particularly significant in the SaaS sphere, where content innovators will exclusively document a solution if they have already encountered and tested it first-hand. Additionally, this enables them to preserve their credibility as a trustworthy authority of information about SaaS products.

Choose between an affiliate program or an affiliate network.

After settling on your payment system, you must select between an in-house affiliate program or an affiliate network. Decide on the model that makes it uncomplicated for your affiliates to advertise your products or services.

You and your team accomplish everything with an in-house affiliate program. Your team will manage the partner signup process and payment schedule. 

On the flip side, affiliate networks facilitate everything, including partner enrollment and payment. 

Multiple brands choose to run their affiliate programs as they do not deal with third parties and dictate their rates. Conversely, affiliate networks match brands with affiliates. These networks make it easier for everyone involved. However, affiliate networks charge brands a one-time fee upon registration and supplemental fees every time they complete a sale via an affiliate.

If your marketing needs a jumpstart, signing up with an affiliate network will reveal your brand to skilled affiliates who will understand how to boost your business. Nevertheless, if you enjoy complete authority over the whole affiliate procedure, you may select to handle your affiliate program in-house. 

Running your affiliate program will be manageable if you only maintain a few affiliate partners. Nonetheless, as your program develops, you will be required to discover more straightforward ways to track transactions and correspondence with them. Employing Gmail extensions will assist you in monitoring scheduled emails and guarantee you and your affiliates everything will operate efficiently. 

In contrast, it is more relaxing to use an affiliate network since it accepts the responsibility of everything. Double-check the rates and costs before you sign up for a network. So, you do not end up spending more upfront than you can afford.

Look for affiliate partners.

You can begin looking for partners once you choose between an affiliate network or an in-house affiliate program. Many companies that use affiliate marketing also search for people already selling products similar to their own. Additionally, this allows them to attract audiences interested in what they offer.

In addition, you ought to examine affiliates who rank high in Google searches for your industry. Examinations reveal that organic probes direct to an increased percentage of affiliate site traffic, resulting in increased sales.

To reach these affiliates, you need to contact them through your affiliate network or email.

Track affiliate performance 

As a marketing professional, you want to guarantee your campaigns are operating smoothly and acquiring your money's worth. However, when you manually track sales, you can easily create errors in your accounting, and the hazard reaches even higher as your affiliate program expands. 

Conversely, most affiliate networks include automated reporting and performance tracking instruments. The most fundamental of these devices is the affiliate referral URL. Utilizing the tracking URL can determine your site's traffic origin, whether social media or blogs. 

Whether operating an affiliate program in-house or with an affiliate network, using a business intelligence reporting tool is suitable. The reporting tools can check how your affiliate marketing campaigns are performing. You will notice how they contribute to your business's development and discover your top-performing affiliate partners.

Reward your top performers

Many brands make the blunder of thinking of their affiliates as marketing collateral, not people. However, treating your affiliates generously will result in more significant relationships, better-quality affiliate links, and increased sales. 

Why should you reward your leading performers? First, they accomplish much of the heavy lifting when publicizing your products. They deliver your brand the exposure it requires to a broader audience and support in boosting your earnings. 

Secondly, mistreating them will suggest working with you is not worth their time and effort. Therefore, they may even choose to work with your competitors instead. Word reaches affiliates rather quickly in the affiliate marketing community. When people hear that you do not treat your affiliates satisfactorily, they might also reject working with you in the future. 

How do you reward your most profitable affiliates? Disbursing them on time should be of your utmost importance. Affiliate partners depend on commissions to support their site's operations, so you gamble on losing their medium if you do not pay them on time. 

Being available to their recommendations will also make them feel motivated. If your affiliates find it challenging to advertise your product, something must create a challenging environment to sell. Listening to feedback from your affiliates will assist you in developing a better product or brand positioning approach. 

Finally, offering top-performing affiliates incentives, such as awards and credentials, will provide your partners with the inspiration they need to publicize your products more effectively. Identifying your top affiliates will assist in building longer-lasting relationships. Additionally, these actions will inspire others to apply as your affiliates, giving you even more promotional media.


The time to fund in SaaS affiliate marketing is now. Affiliate marketing is one of the most influential media to contact new audiences and develop sales from new consumers, whether you are attempting to boost sales, subscriptions, or click-throughs. 

Operating an affiliate marketing campaign is something you need to approach with a purpose in mind. You can manage your affiliate program in-house if you want complete control over your marketing. If you begin fast, signing up with an affiliate network will permit you to start a campaign and partner with experienced affiliate marketers in your niche right away. 

If you do the right things in an affiliate marketing campaign, you can yield leading clicks and leads, boost sales and carry your business to more eminent heights.

Joran Hofman
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Joran Hofman
Back in 2020 I was an affiliate for 80+ SaaS tools and I was generating an average of 30k in organic visits each month with my site. Due to the issues I experienced with the current affiliate management software tools, it never resulted in the passive income I was hoping for. Many clunky affiliate management tools lost me probably more than $20,000+ in affiliate revenue. So I decided to build my own software with a high focus on the affiliates, as in the end, they generate more money for SaaS companies.
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