Feb 29, 2024

How Potion earned $30k within 3 months by rewarding their users.

How Potion earned $30k within 3 months by rewarding their users.

We wanted to have an easy way to track the referral activities from our current users, as they already were referring us. By implementing Reditus we were able to give ourselves, and the affiliates insights in performance, which led us to double down on the affiliate program.

Kanad Bahalkar, Founder at Potion

About Potion

Potion AI auto-generated personalized videos for sales professionals. You can automatically personalize the greetings with your face and voice, personalize the video background with the prospect’s websites, customize the domain, and customize the brand of the video landing page.

Their tool is being used by over 9.000+ Sales reps and companies like SAP, Pandadoc, Appsflyer, and many more. Adding dynamic video personalization to your sales outreach can boost your response rates by up to 500%. 

With their freemium model, users can experience the value before moving to the paid plan, which starts at $99 per month. 

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The challenge

Before starting with Reditus, they noticed that they already had users referring Potion to their network, which generated some revenue for them. At that time, it was purely based on self-attribution, so there was no system to see the actual income or reward the users for their referrals. 

After doing extensive research and signing up for affiliate marketing platforms, they dedicated themselves to using Reditus, the “most accessible platform” to get started with and one that has a clear focus on B2B SaaS. They were able to set up the entire affiliate program and technical installation in a matter of hours. 

They started with Reditus for these reasons: 

  • Fair pricing
  • Ease of use 
  • Reward users for their efforts 
  • Better insights on total revenue generated via users
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Key results with Reditus

Total Affiliate Revenue
Number of Affiliates
Timeframe of results
3 months

Within their first 3 months, they could grow their total sold to over $30k and grow to $8k MRR generated via affiliates. It is the perfect example of how crucial current users are in making affiliate marketing successful, as they already know your tool and the value you deliver. 

How did you get users to sign up for your affiliate program?

“We simply contacted our users via email campaigns and asked them to sign up for our program”. Their affiliate program page on their site is also a great example of engaging their current users/network. 

On the page, they explain things well to people unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, where they really focus on the ‘end value’ of referring to Potion. 

Next, they added themselves to the Reditus Marketplace, allowing them to start growing outside their own network. Their top-performing affiliates are their current users, who were already referring Potion before the affiliate program launch. 

Onboarding of new affiliates is something they do well; they reach out to all of them (automatically) to see how they could help them to promote Potion. 

What is next?

As they grow outside their user base with Reditus, onboarding affiliates in bulk and educating them on Potion becomes more critical. 

“We are working on building more content and collateral for affiliates so they can get onboarded easily”. 

It is great to see what kind of mindset Potion has with their affiliate program, which is the reason it has been a success from month. They really ask themselves: “how can we help the affiliates to make money”. They will keep doing this, and make sure they have everything they need to start referring them. 

Overall they will continue their growth loop of: 

Growing user base > converting into affiliates > activating affiliates > growing user base

Story Behind Reditus

Reditus was founded by Joran Hofman, who was first a B2B SaaS affiliate himself before founding Reditus. As an affiliate, he ran into so many issues himself, that he decided to build an affiliate management system. We believe that when we help the affiliates make money, everyone benefits. This is one of the reasons why affiliates have a similar-looking dashboard, receive live chat support, and have lots of materials to achieve success.

As Joran Hofman has been a Head of Customer Success before starting Reditus, you can clearly see the CS mindset baked into the company. The price depends on what you get and the support you receive. With value being something really tangible, Monthly Recurring Revenue is generated via affiliates.

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