S3E21 – How to grow your B2B SaaS to 10k MRR? Advice from 20 experts

How to grow your B2B SaaS to 10k MRR

In season 3 of the Grow Your B2B SaaS podcast, we asked all our guests the same question: “What kind of advice would they give a B2B SaaS founder growing to 10K MRR?”. By combining all the advice into one single episode you will be able to hear their answers in less than 40min!

So, are you looking to grow your SaaS and unsure how to surpass the 10k Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) mark? This podcast episode will be packed with advice from industry experts. All the guests will give practical advice on how to grow your SaaS and make it successful in the long term.

If you like the answer of any of the guests, we would recommend jumping into the whole show as there will be a lot more advice!

Ps. If you are already beyond 10k MRR, check out the podcast where we do the same but then for 10M ARR.

Not sure yet if you want to watch it? See the summary of the summary video here, the full video with the answers can be found below.

Season 3 guests of the Grow Your B2B SaaS podcast

  1. How to achieve Product Led Growth for your SaaS With Wes Bush
  2. How to audit your SaaS growth? With Asia Orangio
  3. Lessons learned; Bootstrapping a B2B SaaS to 20M ARR in revenue With Emeric Ernoult
  4. How to improve your SaaS Sales With Kevin Dorsey
  5. How to implement the Growth Hacking mindset in your B2B SaaS? With Sean Ellis
  6. How to prepare your SaaS for an exit? With Dirk Sahlmer
  7. How to price your B2B SaaS to accelerate growth? with Wolter Rebergen
  8. How to get your first 1.000 users for your B2B SaaS With Simon Høiberg
  9. How to achieve Product Market Fit for your B2B SaaS With Maja Voje
  10. How to implement a profit-led approach for your SaaS with Guillaume Moubeche
  11. How to Achieve Explosive Growth and Increase Profitability with Stefan Avivson
  12. How to unify Sales, Marketing & SDR’s in your GTM strategy With Chris Walker
  13. How to turn Discovery Calls into Customers with Chris Orlob
  14. How do investors analyse SaaS businesses? With Cameron Hay
  15.  How to scale your SaaS to 1M MRR using processes with Matt Wolach
  16. The Unsexy Truth about Startup Success with Cristobal Alonso
  17. How to setup affiliate marketing for B2B SaaS with Dustin Howes
  18. How Chili Piper is Becoming A Billion Dollar Company With Alina Vandenberghe
  19. How to build a billion dollar business within a year With Adam Robinson
  20. How to sell Enterprise SaaS, Learn from a 100M+ ARR founder With Jim Yu

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Joran Hofman
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Joran Hofman
Back in 2020 I was an affiliate for 80+ SaaS tools and I was generating an average of 30k in organic visits each month with my site. Due to the issues I experienced with the current affiliate management software tools, it never resulted in the passive income I was hoping for. Many clunky affiliate management tools lost me probably more than $20,000+ in affiliate revenue. So I decided to build my own software with a high focus on the affiliates, as in the end, they generate more money for SaaS companies.
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