Performance-Driven Strategy Without Paid Ad Spend

Diversify your marketing effort by going pay-per-sale via affiliate marketing instead of burning thousands on pay-per-click campaigns via Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Ads. 

affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing program where an affiliate earns a commission for promoting a merchant’s products to customers, by placing links or ads on their website, blog or other marketing channels. The affiliate earns a commission for every sale or action made through their unique tracking link.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Why affiliate marketing? Will it work for B2B SaaS software companies?

Within 5 years, the amount of ad spend invested in affiliate marketing has been increasing tremendously from $4.21 billion to $6.82 billion. This shows how powerful affiliate marketing can be and should be added into your marketing mix if you haven’t.

You might be wondering this: I thought affiliate marketing only works well with B2C? Apparently, that’s not what the data is showing below. It shows that software category falls under Top 2 that drives the most revenue growth to affiliates.


Challenges in Growing Affiliates in B2B SaaS Industry


Affiliate Management Challenge #1: Your Business Lack Long Sales Cycle Attribution

Your B2B SaaS business has an average sales cycle of between 3-6 months and it's getting harder for you to attribute performance of your existing sales partners because you're not able to track conversions that happen if it's more than the standard 28-day conversion window.


Affiliate Management Challenge #2: Your Business Doesn't Have Dashboards

Your B2B SaaS business is still using complex Excel spreadsheets, Notion documents, or probably Hubspot that is not integrated well with your other parts of marketing.


Affiliate Management Challenge #3: Your Business Doesn't Provide Tracking Links

You are still using or Google's UTM parameters that are only attributing last-click and does not support non-Google platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or TikTok. Plus, your tracking link doesn't support cross-device or long-term tracking.


Affiliate Management Challenge #4: You Don't Have Time to Grow & Manage Affiliates

You want to build your sales army on your own but you simply don't have the time to do it because there are more important puzzle pieces to the business that you need to take care of. You definitely are thinking of hiring affiliate managers but not necessarily have big budgets to hire them on a full-time basis.


Everything you need to know about building an affiliate program


You Need An End-to-End Partner Platform that Grow & Manages Affiliates with Ease & Effectively

The affiliate market has transformed, with social media influencers, content creators, biz dev partners and paid media partners now part of it. An efficient partner/affiliate management requires streamlined processes, instant access to metrics, fraud protection tools and customized tracking solutions.

With decades of proven experience, our Affiliate Marketing Team is prepared to help you achieve your marketing goals, and beyond.

Proven Affiliate Recruitment Strategies

Unleash the full potential of your affiliate program with our expert recruitment strategies. Our team has a proven track record of attracting and onboarding top-performing affiliates who drive significant revenue and growth for our clients.

Outstanding Affiliate Growth Results

With cutting-edge technology, personalized outreach, and a deep understanding of the affiliate landscape, we deliver results that exceed expectations. Partner with us to experience a seamless, effective affiliate recruitment process that delivers measurable success


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