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The Best Websites to Improve your B2B SaaS Sales Funnel


SaaS companies depend on their websites to funnel traffic and conversions to scale. A SaaS website's failure to produce results will frequently mean a SaaS firm does not rise.

A SaaS website must transform visitors into customers with trials and demos. Plus, the grade of a SaaS website continually impacts a visitor's assumption of the software product's quality.

What makes a good B2B SaaS design?

What attributes make SaaS websites outstanding? A pristine layout should not be all your site delivers to visitors. The website likewise needs the ability to convert those visitors into leads. Your website design should observe all the soundest methods to engage, impress, convince, and convert visitors.

SaaS Product Visuals

Never underestimate the importance of product visuals. SaaS companies are hurting themselves if they have not invested in a fantastic UX/UI for their software. Customer acquisition from leads becomes more difficult.

Just like an e-commerce visitor will browse through product photos. Here the potential customers get a sense of what they are buying. B2B SaaS buyers need to see visuals in order to feel comfortable trying the free trial. If they do not come in on the free trial, there is very little chance they will become paying customers.

Building confidence is crucial in driving conversions, and most visitors will not gain confidence if they see no product visuals or see poorly designed product screenshots.

Hierarchy & Storytelling

Your navigation should communicate what you do as much as your content does. Choosing the right words, proper logical hierarchy, and navigation design allows you to share insight into your product. Therefore, customers will know what your product does before anyone hits a second page.

Choose the right pages to tell the story you want visitors to see with hierarchy. However, this is both about helping visitors find the information they are looking for fast and about providing your story. Therefore you are giving value and validation in convincing the visitors to partake in a trial.

It is essential to include pages to describe your product's functions. Some ways to increase your product's value are describing features for various roles or sized companies. It is also essential to feature processes the audience most cares about, and easy tools to evaluate the value are imperative to conversion.

These specific marketing funnels will help to market particular users.

United with hierarchy is the content layout and how your tale is told. Individually a page should build the product's story, feature, or use. Just positioning content on a page is not strategic. Whereas considering how you demonstrate your arguments in favor of your product in the correct ordering will seriously influence the outcomes you receive from your site.

Pricing & Buying Cycle Conversions

Your strategy for presenting pricing is fundamental for B2B SaaS websites. Customers desire to understand the impact of their investment early in their journey. Depending on your pricing prototype, you may have different conditions for your current pricing.

The challenge is that not understanding the investment and cost of your product can turn off many buyers from even considering or converting.

The other key factor has numerous means for people to convert. Yes, we desire a lot of CTAs for our enrollment, trials, or demos. Occasionally guests early in their buying cycle are not ready for a commitment yet. 

Therefore, an intelligent strategy is to consider buyers in research, conversion, validation, or closing phases. Also, you need to know what content and actions are necessary to support visitors in all of those stages.

Great Web User Experience & Interface Design

Attractiveness can be strategic. The overall look of the website impacts confidence-building and validation. Studies revealed sites with less aesthetically pleasing and inconsistent design paradigms have higher bounce rates. 

A great design uses consistency to build familiarity for visitors as they consume your content. Headlines all appear the same, websites use similar color schemes structurally, the site has character, so they do not need to re-learn the offered data paradigms.

Besides consistency, the other aspect of great design is subtlety. Also, do not over-design. Clarity should make messages and visuals your hero. Subtle lines, shadows, overlap, color use will take a straightforward design and create a well-thought-out sales funnel.

Anyone can develop a website, but the most profitable SaaS website designers in the world can use whitespace, subtle design, and consistency to assemble a great-looking site that produces conversions.

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How a well-designed SaaS Website influences development

You might already understand the influences of your website on your development. It is essential to establish a baseline in order to develop a great SaaS website design. A well-designed SaaS website will take a good design and positively hit your pocketbook.

Driving Targeted Traffic To Your Site

SEO is essential in developing an intelligent SaaS website. Optimization provides possible customers with the ability to find your products through search engines. Targeted landing pages, expansive content, onsite optimization, sharing integrations, and more help build focused content and inbound links.

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Optimizing Conversion

Most importantly, a well-designed SaaS website is created to attract conversions. We frequently want trials and demos to drive sales. We should also offer visitors other modifications earlier in the buying cycle, such as tools, insights, and webinars.


Confidence is a massive part of the conversion, and a well-designed SaaS website will produce confidence in the visitor each step of the sales funnel. A remarkable design with quality product visuals, logos, quotes, and case studies helps win the validation game.

Specific features for great B2B SaaS website designs.

A great website accomplished several strategies that we reviewed above. Here are some sites that we appreciate their approach, design, and features.

One approach we take tremendous pride in is developing interactive content to drive conversions for SaaS Websites. Below are some examples we have curated from around the web.

Animated Graphics for SaaS UX Screens


A spectacular method to display your product is the interface's visual graphics. Including animations in those graphics can create an engaging and validating experience for your B2B SaaS website.

screenshot of the Dribble Homepage

B2B SaaS Site for Line & Appointment Management


An intelligent design feature is a tool like mad libs that allows visitors to find content based on their specific needs.

Product Tour for Enterprise Video SaaS


Product tours are a critical feature for every SaaS website. The product's story must have these essential product tours. There is an expansive range of ways to produce product tours. This example has employed a tabbed interface to quickly and visually permit visitors to browse the main features.

Top 10 B2B SaaS website examples

When looking for a suitable design method to help increase conversions, it is essential to do research. Observing what is working for the best B2B SaaS businesses is a good start. Below you will find some examples of the best B2B SaaS businesses and why they are so great. 

File Sharing Software


If you are searching for simplicity, the most suitable place to experience it is by studying the Dropbox website. The file-hosting service contains a straightforward zone with a minimal mess on its homepage. Therefore, visitors quickly digest the information to make a decision. When constructing a SaaS website, you can seek motivation from Dropbox. Even so, you should deliberately and strategically select the information you want to be displayed on your homepage.

SaaS To Organize Notes Online


This SaaS website caters to both procrastinators and the organized. Evernote is a note-taking app that features a dynamic and straightforward design. Visitors understand where they need to go upon first entering the website. Intuitive navigation is the best way to score leads.

screenshot of a great SaaS website, evernote example

Marketing SaaS Example


Arguably, this is one of the finest SaaS website examples you will encounter anywhere. MailChimp features a minimalist yet dynamic structure. Being an e-mail marketing platform, MailChimp adjusts its slogan regularly, but the intrinsic message to visitors persists. The site's homepage features two conversion courses. It uses a CTA that facilitates visitors to sign up.

B2B Payment Software


This SaaS company presents a multi-channel revenue platform to companies. The organization's homepage immediately handles the primary pain point of B2B buyers. However, this is precisely how they can conveniently manage payments from their buyers. Barring this, the homepage has an uncluttered design and is effortlessly navigable.

Human Resources SaaS Site


This human resources software targets SMEs. What is impressive about the site is the use of great headers on the homepage. This kind of stuff attracts visitors to consume increased page time. Similarly, the navigation bar color influences visitors to stay on your screen even when scrolling down.

Project Management SaaS


Flow is a phenomenal project management software provider. Moments spent on the site will have you understand why Flow is among the highest B2B SaaS websites by scrolling via its homepage. The points noted on the homepage distinguish the company's product from its competitors in a nutshell. The text is straightforward, and the design is uncluttered.

E-Mail Testing SaaS Platform


If you seek a B2B website that features a sleek design, look no further than Litmus. This e-mail testing and analytics software provider whose homepage alone can convert leads.

B2B SaaS Website


Another unique B2B SaaS website example, Alteryx, delivers software for preparing, merging, and analyzing data. The company serves businesses that require capabilities beyond the offerings from Microsoft Excel. The instant you load Alteryx's homepage, you will understand what they offer, self-service data analytics.

screenshot of a b2b saas website example, alteryx.

Browser Testing Online App


The company's specialty is providing cross-browsing compatibility testing services for mobile and desktop. Scrolling down the homepage, you are taken on a short yet descriptive service journey. Each offering presents an opportunity for a sale.

Website + Interface Prototyping SaaS


The Invision platform uses prototyping, workflow, and collaboration as its main features. The site has an attractive layout, which does not surprise us because Invision is a design company. The interactive animations are great at keeping the viewers' attention.

The Bottom Line

In order to know what makes an excellent B2B SaaS design, you need to do plenty of research. Here we have provided you with high-quality research to help you on your path.

SaaS companies implement their designs in hopes of driving traffic and conversions to scale. A poor website design would fail to produce results and mean a SaaS business's sales will not rise. 

Replicating the website design of B2B SaaS businesses taking leads, and creating sales are excellent places to start. If you are new to B2B SaaS marketing, these websites are a great place to help tweak your sales funnel. 

Therefore knowing how a SaaS website must convert visitors into trials and demos is vital. Plus, the quality will influence a visitor's assumption of the quality of your software product.

Therefore, when looking at the successes of others, also look at the similarities to your site. We are positive you have great ideas, and a 1% improvement to your design will eventually pay off in the long run.

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