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How B2B SaaS and Agencies Utilize Affiliate Programs


You have already answered the question of what is the ultimate B2B software needs. You have developed a high-quality software product but do not know how to get it in front of your audience's faces. SaaS affiliate influencers & agencies can help you find an engaged audience.

Affiliate marketers also are searching for reputable businesses. These agencies seek the next big thing as they understand they will have the market cornered for this content. 

You understand the strength of word-of-mouth advertising. In particular, you swear by it. But marketers usually overlook that word-of-mouth advertising does not constantly have to happen entirely organically. With a bit of technique, you can inspire patrons to spread the word.

Online businesses that build referral programs can follow their brand advocates, incentivize satisfied consumers to broadcast their product, and expand customer acquisition and retention.

But how do you take a concept like "word of mouth" and transition it into a thriving, manageable program that contains dashboards, analytics, and real-time derivatives? Here, we will explore how and why you should integrate a referral program into your online business. Ultimately you will learn how to agencies can make you money. 

What are The Benefits of a Formal SaaS Referral Program?

SaaS affiliate platforms, such as Reditus, are a fantastic way to influence engaged customers by offering existing consumers rewards. These consumers receive a predetermined commission when they direct new sales to the company. This asset channel can be potent, and it comes with little-to-no barriers to entry.

Referral programs are one way SaaS businesses can grow their customer base fast and effectively. Arranging your referral program with software like Reditus does not require much time and comes with robust ROI, constructing a unique way to boost your company's revenue. Referral software can be an outstanding complement to any tech company's existing marketing actions, obtaining overnight development.

What's so amazing about referrals? Why not concentrate on leads? Leads, subsequently, are the lifeblood of any business that needs to complete direct sales.

First, referrals and word-of-mouth are the most relied upon forms of promotion, according to a Nielsen study, and the second most trusted form does not come close.

Second, referral programs still assist with lead generation: you are rewarding individuals for accomplishing the work of discovering leads for you. A referral program is a way to develop leads—and not just any leads, but highly-qualified, niche-specific leads that are more viable to result in sales.

Thirdly, you can only pay for performance; meaning handing out commissions when a referral buys a paid subscription.

How Can Reditus Drive massive amounts of Traffic to Your Website?

  • SEO - unlock enormous amounts of SEO traffic. Gain more backlinks.
  • Content Marketing - content will be shared, get links, and attract traffic.
  • Paid Media - clear ROI with effective paid strategies

That's not just conjecture. When researchers at the Harvard Business Review scrutinized 10,000 accounts at a German bank over three years, they noticed that "customers obtained through referrals are both looked more loyal and valuable than other customers."

The analysis maintained for such characteristics as age sex and found that referred clients had 18% more possibility to remain with the bank. As a result, earnings of 16% more profits occurred due to the referral program.

What can we conclude about a formal referral program?

  • The stronger trust built by the acquired leads.
  • More purchases from the leads you receive. 
  • The leads you accept are more likely to remain loyal customers.

The bank acquired some 60% profit from the preliminary referral investment. If you understood a method to get trusted, loyal customers that generate 60% returns on your marketing dollar, you would at least believe it, would you not?

How to Merge a Referral Program into Your Business

A referral program is an excellent way to discover qualified leads in your niche. But how do you accomplish integrating a successful referral program into a highly refined sales funnel?

Determine Your Offer

Remember, when you develop your referral program, there is no earning without giving. It would help if you first established a working offer for your brand.

Think about your experiences as a customer. What do they want or need? What incentives will motivate them to implement your product's content to a friend or confidant? Some businesses develop competitions, while others disclose that they get a flat payment if clients refer a friend.

Most shoppers desire bargains when it comes to the retail industry. Sales Loves Marketing, a subscription-based marketing service, capitalized on this desire by executing a process to communicate sales through email, chatbots, etc. 

Using products such as Sales Love Marketing service will help you implement the program if needed.

Implement a System that Places the Customer in Control

If there is anything you have discovered in creating a business already, it is this: never develop challenges for the customer. Referrals should operate similarly to purchases. Your objective is to make the referral process for new customers and earn their rewards as effortless as possible.

You will encounter some mechanisms for executing ease-of-use later on in this post, but for now, concentrate on a few crucial items:

Social sharing. In the digital age, you want to ensure your program is shareable. If you include a significant incentive for customers, you will motivate them to spread the word. Please make certain that your referral tool makes it straightforward for them to share. Reditus has a dashboard to make it manageable for affiliates to direct their friends using a social sharing widget.

Seamless integration. Best integration practices have your customers jump through the least amount of hoops. Even the most faithful customers do not want to partake if they sign up for your referral program and then find three more additional steps to complete before organizing their referral reward. 

Promote Your Program. It is not enough to just assemble a program. You need to bring the word out to the public about the product itself before expecting anyone to participate. 

One of the most popular methods to promote referral programs is triggered by time-based email campaigns. 

Email the new customers after a few days have passed. You can encourage them to share a referral link to give them further friend discounts after the customer's purchase.

The agencies suggested at the ending of this post will feature some methods to accomplish this, including constructing contests through social media, publishing directly to social media, or writing emails so you can broadcast to your list about the referral program being in place.

Integration of your referral program should also appear with new product purchases. We advise incorporating a comment on the referral program on your post-purchase confirmation page. You can capture your customer's attention here when they feel good about their purchase and want to spread the word.

Three Examples of Online Businesses using our Referral Program

Knowing how to market yourself on an affiliate platform is essential. Checking out the methods of other successful companies will help you develop your process. 

Here are three examples of businesses' successful implementation of their Reditus Affiliate Program.

1. PressClouds’ Compelling Offer

PressCloud is a tool created to permit your bloggers, and content writers can access their work. You can also make a private press room where readers can review the latest offerings. Time-saving components allow for eliminating the requirement for bulky and unappealing emails. Personalization produces a positive representation of your brand's pressroom

Easy to use and free trial availability, allow PressCloud to observe if it is the product you are looking to publish new content readily, whether press releases or news items, as part of your marketing and sales campaign. 

The program offers 20% off to people who make referrals. After you make 10+paid referrals, you receive a 30% commission. 

2. Beagle Security Proposal

Traditionally, referral programs are used to encourage customers. Beagle Security does not just apply a referral program to pure marketing purposes. Instead, they use it to guide employees.

BeagleSecurity is a very easy-to-use and understand product for people who are not experts in website security but provide insights that provide obvious insights for developers for removing any reported security issues. Beagle Security does the most challenging work and provides you with a detailed breakdown of what you need to do to be secure. The WP plugin, the report, and also their support is excellent. 

Overall many influencers are highly satisfied with the affiliate program. The lifetime payout of 15% is significant and inspires people to work for the cause. The offer got people talking about Beagle Security, increasing buzz and increased their overall visibility.

3. LiProspect’s Integrated Program

automates Linkedin workflows with a secure and humanized algorithm. As a result, it makes Linkedin marketing more manageable.

LiProspect securely sends connection requests, follow-up sequences and stimulates your leads with the most potent LI prospecting platform as a cloud-based mechanization platform.

In addition, you can use 800 free Inmails to open profiles. You can also send Inmails without lifting your fingers using your Inmail credit.

Users will not participate in the referral program if it is not intuitive and straightforward. LiProspect uses Reditus to make joining the partner program as simple as possible.

What is Next?

Currently, you have obtained the knowledge to implement a successful affiliate marketing campaign. With this know-how and the examples we presented, you can readily form an epic referral program. You can now create a program that incentivizes users to get on your team. What's next? Implement it here on Reditus!

Joran Hofman
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Joran Hofman
Back in 2020 I was an affiliate for 80+ SaaS tools and I was generating an average of 30k in organic visits each month with my site. Due to the issues I experienced with the current affiliate management software tools, it never resulted in the passive income I was hoping for. Many clunky affiliate management tools lost me probably more than $20,000+ in affiliate revenue. So I decided to build my own software with a high focus on the affiliates, as in the end, they generate more money for SaaS companies.
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