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The Reditus Platform


Reditus consolidates your affiliate program data into a streamlined, user-friendly dashboard. Effortlessly monitor and optimize your affiliate performance.

Explore the Reditus Marketplace: an affiliate program hub for B2B SaaS companies. Showcase your program to over 6,000+ SaaS affiliates, receive new requests, and amplify your growth.

The affiliate commissions will be accumulated to one payout when they reach your set threshold—simplifying the process without losing control.

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Increase user signups

With the fast growing & competitive SaaS market getting new sign ups for your SaaS is becoming tough and expensive. Finding people who want to recommend is even more challenging.

3 simple steps

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Step 1

Setup & list affiliate program

You can set up a program with us in less than 30 minutes. From doing the technical installation, creating the program details up till sorting the legal arrangements.

To make it even quicker, we are also offering in-app live chat should you require any assistance.

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Step 2

Acquire & Manage affiliates

Getting affiliates into your program can be challenging, hence we build easy ways for you to invite affiliates into your program. Once they join your affiliate program you can see exactly who is performing, and how isn't.

Send the affiliate data to your CRM to manage them from the systems you are already using.

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Step 3

Optimize and grow

Once you have an affiliate program up and running it is time to optimise and grow. List your affiliate program in the Reditus marketplace and get access to our network of affiliates.

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Proven by success

We started with Reditus to see the effect of the marketplace and were happily surprised with the results. Having run Reditus parallel to our existing program allowed us to test the platform without the need of migrating our affiliates right away.

Stefan Smulders, CEO at Expandi

Key results within 6 months
Generated $25.000+
Gained 70+ affiliates
Marketplace driven only

Overall I am in love with the product. Simple, easy, straightforward. It does what it says & charges a fair price. It fulfills my requirements & that's all I need in an affiliate program for my company.

Junaid Ansari, Co-Founder at

Key results within 6 months
Grew to 300+ affiliates within a year
Generated over 600+ sign-ups via affiliates
One of the best affiliate pages on their site (


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Something is not clear?


Does Reditus work for every kind of company?
We purely work with B2B SaaS companies, by helping them to setup, manage & grow an affiliate program. Our network are purely B2B SaaS affiliates looking to earn a recurring commission. Also, our integrations and metrics related towards the SaaS business model. Which means, we won't be able to work with other kind of businesses.
Does Reditus offer a Free plan?
We don't have a free plan, purely a 14 day free trial. We have tried the Freemium model in the past but we learned that these SaaS companies weren't succesfull with their affiliate program (too early stage / no resources). If you want to try out Reditus, you will have a 14 day free trial to see the platform before committing to a paid plan.
How can I get myself listed in the Reditus Marketplace?
Want to showcase your affiliate program towards the B2B SaaS affiliates within the Reditus network? After you completed the technical installation you can buy a premium package, starting at $139 per month (paid annual). Once you have gone premium you will be listed in the marketplace and you can start growing outside your own network.
Does Reditus help me to find new affiliates?
Next to listing yourself into our marketplace, which gets show case towards all affiliates on the other side. We also have an affiliate network, think of it like Fiverr. Affiliates create a profile, they add their data sources like Google Analytics, Linkedin or Youtube and will add content examples + pricing. This will help you to find affiliates which have access to your ICP, against the terms you are looking for.
How does Reditus work?
For Reditus to work technicaly we need 3 things:
  1. Installing a tracking script
  2. Installing a conversion snippet
  3. Connecting your payment platform (Stripe, Paddle or via API)
Once these steps are completed we can track everything needed. Reach out to us if you need help getting things set up.
Can Reditus help us migrate from our current tool?
Yes. Reach out to us if you want to migrate everything from another tool, we can help you get this done quickly. It all starts with moving over the affiliates, their referrals and making sure we don't calculate duplicate commissions.
What is SaaS Affiliate Marketing?
With Affiliate Marketing you are asking other people to do the marketing for you. When they deliver you paid clients (pay per performance) they will receive a commission. As SaaS means recurring subscriptions, it also means recurring commissions for the Affiliates. Making it a true win-win for both of them. No high upfront costs for SaaS & high potential earnings for affiliates.
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  • How you can set up an affiliate program How you can set up an affiliate program
  • How to recruit affiliates How to recruit affiliates
  • Growing your MRR via affiliates Growing your MRR via affiliates
Joran Hofman
Joran Hofman
Founder of Reditus


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