Top Affiliate Marketplaces: B2B SaaS Edition 2024

Launching a new SaaS affiliate program in a market brimming with options demands strategic visibility and differentiation. Your goal should be to promote your program rigorously and ensure it captivates the attention of top-performing affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketplaces and networks are crucial in this regard, offering visibility in a saturated space and access to a vetted pool of affiliates skilled in promoting SaaS products. This dual advantage enables the proactive recruitment of interested and capable affiliate partners.

Our exploration zeroes in on platforms that align with the unique needs of SaaS businesses, from niche SaaS-only to broader networks supportive of software products. We aim to highlight these effective avenues for showcasing your program and attracting affiliates ready to realize your SaaS affiliate marketing goals.

Join us as we introduce you to a list of top affiliate marketplaces, each carefully selected to ensure your SaaS program gains the exposure it deserves and connects with the ideal partners ready to propel your product to the forefront.

Best affiliate marketplaces to promote your SaaS program to potential partners in 2024

Finding the right SaaS affiliate marketplace sites can be challenging due to their rarity. We've researched and compiled a list of platforms where you can list your program for impactful results. Each entry includes an overview with key advantages and listing tips. Let's dive in.

#1 Reditus Marketplace

Screenshot from Reditus Marketplace.

Reditus is a SaaS affiliate management software leader and offers a dedicated marketplace laser-focused on SaaS programs with both listing and recruitment active capabilities.

Key listing features include:

  • Industry-specific filtering: Allows programs to be filtered by industry or commission details, enabling affiliates to find your program based on their specific interests or desired rewards, thereby improving the match quality between your SaaS product and potential affiliates.
  • Auto-accept feature: Automates the onboarding process for new affiliates applying to your program, eliminating manual review and accelerating the growth of your affiliate network, ensuring quicker program scalability.
  • Program search visibility: Enhances your program’s findability within the marketplace through a dedicated search feature, making it easier for the right affiliates to discover and connect with your affiliate marketing team, boosting visibility and potential partnerships.

Key active recruitment capabilities include:

Screenshot of Recruit feature interface from the Reditus Marketplace.

Building on the foundation of attracting affiliates through listing on SaaS affiliate platforms like Reditus, this feature supercharges how you connect with potential partners. Soon, you'll be able to proactively recruit vetted affiliate profiles directly from your dashboard, making the process proactive and seamless. You will benefit from:

  • Pre-vetted talent pool: Offers access to over 6,000+ SaaS affiliates who have been thoroughly vetted, significantly reducing the time spent in searching for quality partners and building a high-caliber affiliate network ready to promote your software.
  • Transparent offerings: Partner profiles include detailed audience demographics and pricing packages, removing the guesswork and lengthy negotiations and allowing for swift, informed decisions about potential partnerships.
  • Content samples viewing: This feature enables a deeper insight into potential affiliates' content quality and relevance, ensuring their promotional style and audience alignment with your brand's messaging before engagement.
  • Streamlined recruitment: Simplifies navigating affiliate profiles by status, improving the recruitment process's efficiency and organization from initial contact to partnership confirmation.

How to list your program?

Listing your SaaS affiliate program on Reditus is straightforward. Begin by signing up for a free account on the Reditus platform and setup your program page and other basic details. Then, you can opt for a premium package, starting at just $59/month when paid annually, to get access to the marketplace listing and recruitment features.

Expandi, a leading LinkedIn automation tool, leveraged the Reditus Marketplace to enhance its affiliate marketing recruitment process, yielding impressive results. Before using Reditus, Expandi had limited its SaaS affiliate marketing efforts to its existing network. Curious about the potential of expanding beyond this network, Expandi decided to list its program on the Reditus Marketplace. This pivotal decision allowed Expandi to tap into new growth channels and gain affiliates outside its immediate network.

Notable success story with the Reditus Marketplace: Expandi's journey

By integrating with the Reditus Marketplace, Expandi experienced a remarkable revenue increase, showcasing the platform's capability to drive significant financial growth through quality partnerships. The platform's targeted approach helped Expandi grow its partner base to over 242 B2B SaaS affiliates, emphasizing the relevance of partners Reditus attracts.

Stefan Smulders, CEO at Expandi, remarked:

"We started with Reditus to see the effect of the marketplace and were happily surprised with the results. Having run Reditus parallel to our existing program allowed us to test the platform without the need of migrating our affiliates right away."

Stefan Smulders, CEO at Expandi.

This success story highlights how crucial it is for SaaS programs to gain visibility in the right spaces and connect with quality affiliates capable of propelling their products forward. The Reditus Marketplace emerges as a critical tool for SaaS companies aiming to enhance their affiliate marketing strategy with increased program visibility and partner recruitment.

#2 PartnerStack Marketplace

Screenshot from Partnerstack marketplace page.

PartnerStack Marketplace is part of PartnerStack’s partnership management platform. Key highlights of this affiliate marketing marketplace include:

  • Integration-focused listings: Recognizing the importance of seamless integration in the SaaS ecosystem, PartnerStack Marketplace allows companies to showcase their programs within specific categories such as HubSpot or Shopify integrated apps. This specificity helps attract partners who are familiar with and actively seeking integration capabilities, ensuring a higher likelihood of productive partnerships.
  • Extensive partner network: With access to PartnerStack’s expansive network of over 80,000 partners, SaaS companies listing their programs on the marketplace benefit from healthy visibility. This broad exposure significantly enhances the opportunity to connect with diverse potential partners ready to contribute to the SaaS provider’s growth.
  • Active recruitment features: SaaS companies can utilize tools within the platform to directly contact potential partners, view detailed profiles to assess fit, and streamline the recruitment process with automated invites, ensuring an efficient and effective partnership acquisition strategy.

How to list your program?

To get your program listed on PartnerStack Marketplace, start by requesting a demo on the PartnerStack website. This demo will introduce you to the platform’s features and guide you through the listing process tailored to your SaaS program’s specific needs.

#3 SaaS Affiliate website

Screenshot from SaaS affiliate website.

The SaaS Affiliate website offers a curated list of many high-quality SaaS affiliate programs. Key highlights include:

  • Programs by category: Organizes software affiliate programs into categories such as accounting, CRM, and LMS, making it easier for affiliates to find programs that closely match their niche or expertise, thereby enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of their promotions.
  • Payment model filter: Allows affiliates to filter programs based on payment models, such as % recurring, % upfront, or CPL. This feature benefits SaaS companies by matching them with affiliates who prefer their specific compensation structure, making collaborations smoother and more aligned with each party's expectations.
  • Featured programs section: The website’s featured programs section offers SaaS companies an opportunity to spotlight their affiliate programs, significantly increasing visibility among potential affiliates. Being featured positions your program as a premier option on the platform, attracting higher-quality affiliates and driving more impactful partnerships.

How to list your program?

To get your affiliate program listed on the SaaS Affiliate website, initiate contact using the form on their website or emailing [email protected].

#4 SaaS Affiliate Programs.Net website

Screenshot from SaaS Affiliate Programs.Net website.

SaaS Affiliate Programs.Net serves as a curated database valuable for B2B SaaS companies looking to broaden their affiliate marketing outreach. Key highlights include:

  • Extensive program database: Catalogs a wide array of SaaS affiliate programs, including vital details like commission rates and affiliate lifetime, attracting potential partners' interests.
  • Detailed program insights: Each listing offers full-page views, main page screenshots, and cookie duration, offering prospective affiliates a comprehensive look at what each SaaS program entails.
  • Multiple filtering options: Affiliates can efficiently search for programs based on commission rate, cookie duration, and revenue type, among other filters, enabling SaaS companies to be discovered by affiliates whose criteria match what they offer.

How to list your program?

To get your SaaS affiliate marketing program listed on this marketplace website, simply fill out a form with your program details and submit it for review. Once accepted, your program will be reflected in their database.

#5 Rewardful affiliate programs directory

Screenshot from Rewardful website.

Rewardful stands out as a comprehensive affiliate management platform with a curated directory of affiliate programs specifically tailored to the B2B SaaS sector. Key highlights include:

  • Curated SaaS listings: Offers a selected list of some of the best SaaS affiliate programs available, making it easier for affiliates to find programs that are genuinely worth promoting and for SaaS companies to stand out among high-quality options.
  • Detailed program information: Each listing provides extensive details about commission rates, distinguishing between recurring versus one-time payments, cookie duration, and direct links for signing up. This transparency aids in setting clear expectations and facilitates better decision-making for both parties.

How to list your program?

You can contact them through their website for more details on the process.

#6 Tapfiliate partner network

Screenshot from Tapfiliate website.

Tapfiliate offers a platform that combines affiliate tracking capabilities with access to the Admitad Partner Network. This connection is designed to provide businesses, including B2B SaaS companies, with the tools and resources necessary to manage affiliate programs and tap into a wide network of publishers. Key highlights include:

  • Broad publisher access: Through integration with the Admitad network, Tapfiliate extends the reach of affiliate programs to over 100,000 active publishers, offering a diverse pool for potential affiliate partnerships.
  • Affiliate tracking integration: Tapfiliate’s core functionality includes tracking and managing affiliate engagements, providing SaaS companies with insights into campaign performance and affiliate activities.

How to list your program?

To benefit from the Tapfiliate partner network, please check with their team for more details.

#7 SaaS affiliate program directory

Screenshot from website. serves as an affiliate marketing directory that also covers SaaS affiliate programs. Key highlights include:

  • Organized by software category: Programs are sorted into categories, making it easier for affiliates to find SaaS companies that match their interests and expertise.
  • Reviews-based sorting: The platform allows the sorting of programs based on reviews, offering insights into a program's performance and reliability.
  • High website traffic: claims monthly site visits by 50,000 webmasters and influencers, indicating its value as a top connector between SaaS companies and affiliate marketers.

How to list your program?

All listings undergo an editorial review to ensure they meet the platform’s standards for quality and relevance. While some categories might offer basic inclusion at no cost, prominent placement in the directory requires a $100 monthly subscription. This process prioritizes programs prepared to invest in greater visibility.

#8 partnership network

Screenshot from website. operates as a leading global partnership management platform, simplifying how enterprises, including those in the B2B SaaS sector, discover and manage a broad spectrum of partnerships. Key highlights of its affiliate network offerings include:

  • Diverse partner discovery: Enables SaaS companies to promote their products through a wide range of channel partners, including industry bloggers, content creators, community organizations, professional service firms, and SaaS tool integrations, broadening the scope of potential partnerships.
  • Access to extensive network:’s open platform and powerful discovery tools give SaaS companies access to over 7 million potential partners, significantly increasing the opportunities for strategic collaborations.
  • Reach and engagement analysis: This feature provides tools to assess potential partners based on their reach and engagement levels and past collaborations with other brands. It is invaluable for evaluating the effectiveness of a potential partner and ensuring alignment with the company’s marketing goals and target audience.

How to list your program?

You can request a demo to learn more about’s robust network and partnership management capabilities.

#9 Partnerhub

Screenshot from Partnerhub website.

Partnerhub emerges as a specialized platform designed to enhance the synergy between SaaS companies and digital agencies. It’s a comprehensive solution for partner acquisition, management, enablement, and activation, streamlining the process of forging meaningful and productive partnerships within the SaaS ecosystem. Key highlights include:

  • Tailored partnership matchmaking: Partnerhub excels in automatically surfacing new partnership opportunities by identifying overlaps in customer profiles between SaaS providers and digital agencies. This ensures that partnerships are not just numerous but also meaningful and likely to succeed.
  • Customizable profiles: With customization at its core, Partnerhub allows companies to tailor their profiles with detailed information, making it easier for potential partners to understand the value proposition and specificities of their SaaS solutions.
  • Advanced filtering and search: The platform supports multiple filters and keyword search functionality, enabling digital agencies to find the most suitable SaaS partners based on specific criteria, thereby improving the relevance and potential of each partnership.

How to list your program?

You can sign up for a free Partnerhub account and contact their team for further details.

#10 ShareASale

Screenshot from ShareASale website.

ShareASale is a leading affiliate marketing network that provides versatile marketing solutions across various sectors, including B2B SaaS businesses. Recognized for its extensive affiliate network, ShareASale accommodates B2B SaaS companies alongside other merchants, offering tailored tools designed to enhance affiliate partnership outcomes. Key highlights include:

  • Diverse affiliate partnerships: Access to a wide variety of affiliate partners, ranging from content bloggers and influencers to mass media publishers and cashback or loyalty sites, ensures B2B SaaS companies can find affiliates that align with their target audience.
  • Express sign-up: Similar to Reditus, an express sign-up option allows publishers to join a merchant’s program instantly with minimal information required. This streamlined process facilitates the rapid onboarding of new affiliates, efficiently expanding the program's reach.
  • Outreach tool: Equipped with a recruitment tool that enables B2B SaaS companies to grow their partner base by sending targeted invitations to affiliates. This tool considers niche, relevance, and performance criteria, allowing for the strategic expansion of affiliate networks both in-network and out-of-network.

How to list your program on this network?

To get your SaaS affiliate program listed on ShareASale, start by signing up as a merchant and then follow the steps from there onwards.

Key strategies to maximize the potential of affiliate marketplaces

Strategic engagement in affiliate marketing marketplaces is essential for SaaS businesses aiming to stand out and attract quality affiliates. This section provides key strategies for enhancing marketplace presence, optimizing partner relationships, and maximizing return on investment, ensuring SaaS companies effectively leverage these platforms for growth and competitive advantage.

  • Diversify your listings: Ensure your affiliate program is listed across multiple affiliate marketplaces, especially those that allow free listings. This increases your program’s visibility and reach, enabling you to tap into various affiliate networks with minimal investment.
  • Optimize your listing page: Enhance your listing page by incorporating comprehensive details, clear value propositions, and engaging content that highlights the advantages of your program. This strategy guarantees that potential affiliates possess the necessary information to decide to join and successfully promote your SaaS offering confidently.
  • Leverage affiliate feedback: Encourage feedback from your affiliates and use it to improve your program. Affiliates are on the front lines of your marketing efforts and can offer valuable insights into what works, what doesn’t, and how your program can better meet their needs and the needs of your shared audience.
  • Simplify the enrollment process: Make it as easy as possible for affiliates to enroll in your program. Features like Reditus Marketplace’s auto-accept can streamline this process, minimizing barriers to entry and encouraging more affiliates to sign up. The quicker and easier it is to join, the more likely you are to attract a diverse range of affiliates eager to promote your product.
  • Tailor outreach to top affiliates: Implement personalized outreach strategies aimed at top-performing affiliates within and beyond the marketplaces. Highlight the unique aspects of your SaaS offering and the benefits of partnering with your program. A focused approach can capture the interest of these high-impact affiliates, who may be selective due to their existing commitments but can significantly boost your product’s visibility and affiliate sales if onboarded.

By embracing these strategies, SaaS companies can extract more value from affiliate marketplaces, forging powerful partnerships that drive growth. Remember, the success of affiliate marketing lies in proactive engagement, strategic visibility, and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships with your affiliates.

Closing thoughts: Accelerate your SaaS MRR by leveraging the right marketplaces

A well-chosen marketplace enhances visibility, connects your product with capable affiliates, and boosts your MRR.

Simply put, a marketplace that broadens your program’s reach and ensures meaningful exposure can be the difference between stagnation and exponential growth.

Reditus stands out by offering a comprehensive platform for affiliate program management and a SaaS-focused marketplace to engage with high-quality affiliates.

By offering features that simplify the recruitment process, enhance program visibility, and facilitate effective partnership management, Reditus enables SaaS companies to unlock the full potential of their affiliate marketing efforts.

Request a demo with the Reditus team today to learn more about the possibilities we can unlock for you!


1. What is an affiliate marketplace for SaaS?

A SaaS affiliate marketplace, like the Reditus Marketplace, is a specialized platform designed to connect SaaS companies with affiliates specifically interested in promoting software products. Unlike broader marketplaces that list various affiliate programs across various domains, a SaaS-focused marketplace offers a curated environment. This ensures that SaaS products gain visibility among affiliates with the expertise and audience for software solutions, facilitating more relevant and effective partnerships.

2. What are the benefits of getting listed on an affiliate marketplace for SaaS companies?

Getting your program listed on a SaaS-focused marketplace for affiliate marketing offers several significant benefits. Firstly, it ensures targeted visibility, as the affiliates present are particularly interested in software products, aligning your offering with an audience ready for B2B engagements. This strategic placement facilitates scalable growth, allowing your business to expand effortlessly into new geographical markets or target specific industries. The nature of affiliate marketing, coupled with the dynamic ecosystem of a SaaS-focused marketplace, continuously introduces your program to potential affiliates, broadening your reach and enhancing your growth potential with minimal effort.

3. What is the best affiliate marketplace for B2B SaaS?

The best marketplace for affiliate marketing of SaaS products ultimately depends on specific business needs, including the target audience, product niche, and marketing goals. However, for businesses seeking a platform that combines a SaaS-focused approach with proven success, the Reditus Marketplace emerges as a compelling choice in the affiliate marketing industry. The platform offers targeted visibility within a highly relevant audience and supports scalable growth through its sophisticated affiliate marketing tools.

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